The Truth and Lies Issue

Come See VICE's 'Truth and Lies' Issue at the Belfast Photo Festival

The showcase will present images from Emile Askey, Sadie Wechsler and Elizabeth Moran on themes such as family history, war and paranormal activity.

VICE Staff

The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's Truth and Lies Issue

A subtle nod to our theme, the issue's image creates an illusion that you're looking at an actual mountain. Photographer Emile Askey explains its backstory.

VICE Staff

How the Increasing Belief in Extraterrestrials Inspires Our Real World

According to research by psychologists, belief in nonhuman intelligence is increasing in unprecedented ways, and many contemporary technopreneurs are being inspired in their work by it.

D.W. Pasulka

How to Manipulate Your Way into Power, in Four Complicated Steps

Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin has been dead for over 100 years, but his tactics live on.

Amos Barshad

The Website That Took Over Men's Media

In 2008, one dude started a simple blog to show off his stuff. It's become much, much more than that.

Allie Conti

Powerful Photos of What Was Left Behind by America's Secret War in Laos

In her series, Operation Palace Dog, photographer Sadie Wechsler looks for ways to capture the veiled impact of American power in Laos.

Sadie Wechsler

Why Do Reality Stars Lie on Camera?

They know they'll get caught. Are they just putting off the inevitable?

Allie Jones

How a Young Girl's Death in 2000 Gave Birth to an Urban Legend

In a tiny village, eight-year-old Sarah Payne was playing with her brothers and sister in a country lane. Then she wasn’t. The media panic that followed is a case study in how urban legends are born and spread.

Gavin Haynes

When Seeing Isn't Believing

A long as we've had screens, magicians have used them to share their work, and audiences have questioned what they're seeing.

Eric Thurm

What Facebook Is Getting Wrong in the Fight Against Fake News

Brooke Binkowski spends her days in search of the misinformation and propaganda that have infected digital media. We caught up with her to talk Facebook and fact-checking.

David Uberti

Why People Post Fake News

When it comes to the stories we share on the internet, the line between empirical truth and emotional truth can be extremely hard to parse.

Emilie Friedlander

How the 'Mandela Effect' Theory of False Memories Took Over the Internet

Have you misremembered the spellings of childhood favorites like 'The Berenstain Bears', Froot Loops and Jif peanut butter? This theory explains why.

Roisin Kiberd