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Here’s All You Need to Know About Singapore’s 'Fake News' Law

The government started implementing the law today.


Chinese Scholars Are Claiming That English Is a Chinese Dialect

They also say that Western civilisation originated in China and that accounts of ancient Romans, Greeks and Egyptians are all fake.


Shanghai Will Soon Have Fleets of Driverless Taxis

Several Chinese companies are unveiling their plans to release self-driving vehicles for public use.


Australian Tourist Arrested in Bali After Fly-Kicking a Guy off a Moving Scooter

Video from the incident also shows the 26-year-old throwing himself into a moving car.


A Six-Year-Old Korean YouTuber Just Bought a Home Worth $8 Million

Her multimillion-dollar purchase comes after critics accused the star’s parents of child abuse and profiting off her wild success.


India Launches Its First Unmanned Spacecraft to the Far Side of the Moon

Stargazers in Australia are thought to have spotted the rocket as it blasted into the stratosphere.


Hong Kong Police Make ‘Largest Ever’ Seizure of Explosives in Lead Up to Protests

Three men have been arrested over the haul, which included the same "extremely powerful" explosive used in the Sri Lanka Easter bombings.


People Can Exchange Trash for Free Food at India's First 'Garbage Cafe'

All the plastic waste collected will be recycled and used to build stronger roads.


Parts of Asia Are On Their Way to Becoming Unliveable

Studies have found that living in some Indian cities might soon become a gamble.


This Guy Tried to Smuggle Half a Kilo of Cocaine Under His Wig

The 65-year-old looked extremely nervous as he got off a plane from Colombia, according to authorities at Barcelona Airport.


Porn and Netflix Could Each Be Generating as Much CO2 as Bangladesh

Video files might be immaterial, but it takes a lot of power to get them to your phone.


Pakistani Politician Mistakes Video Game Plane for Reality, Praises Pilot for 'Narrow Escape'

Khurram Nawaz Gandapur tweeted out a video of a plane avoiding collision, only to be told that it was computer graphics from the GTA V video game.