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Women Can Go to Saudi Arabia's Theme Parks. But There Are Rules

Photographer Arwa Al-Na’imi used to love theme parks, but found them less fun as she got older and was separated from her brother.


This Theme Park Devoted to Ancient Aliens Really Makes You Think

One of the park's main attractions is a flight simulator that suggests Peru's Nazca Lines might be a landing strip for alien craft.


This $100 Million Noah's Ark Theme Park Is a Boring, Homophobic Mess

Kentucky's Ark Encounter theme park was designed to be entertaining to Creationists and non-Creationists alike. I was not entertained.


How I Survived Disneyland on Five Dollars

Unless you have a hook-up, the price of a single-day ticket for Disneyland is now $185. So here's your way of staying well-fed on only $5.


What Working in a SpongeBob Costume Taught Me About Humanity

When you're constantly being harassed by guests, there's the risk that you eventually get fed up and hit back.


Guests Would Live Like Han Solo at Disney World's Immersive Star Wars Hotel

"From the second you arrive, you will become a part of a Star Wars story."


How Do You Make a Film Experience More Than VR? Use a 360° Dome

Pixomondo’s David Garber tells us how the company tackles large-scale immersion inside theme park domes.


YouTube Channel of the Week #16: Theme Park Review

These guys just ride rollercoasters all the time. I want to ride rollercoasters all the time. This is bullshit.


Dubai's 'Hunger Games' Theme Park Will Take You Inside District 12

Other attractions include a roller coaster based on the Capitol's high-speed trains, and a recreation of the Hob black market.


More Photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Another glimpse at the second happiest place on Earth.