This Is How Much Longer You'll Live If You Stop Eating Meat

The study concluded that despite some variability in the data, “the evidence is consistent that increased intake of red meat, especially processed red meat, is associated with increased all-cause mortality.”


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What she does is post pictures of various animals—dogs, shrews, chicks, and more—and their food soulmates. Or at least the foods they most resemble.


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Having visited North Korea nearly 150 times, Simon Cockerell is well-versed in the cuisine of the hermit kingdom. His advice: try the sushi but avoid the clams cooked in gasoline.


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This Lent—in fact, for every Lent from now on—I shall be giving up chicken curry pancakes completely. I hope to atone for my sins and live as an inspiration to you all.


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This recipe produces brownies that are slightly crispy on top, masterfully moist inside (yeah, we said it), and the simple process is doable even for the baking-phobic.


How to Break Up a Fight in a Restaurant Kitchen

The tension between them slowly built up day after day. Working alongside them was the equivalent of living in the ‘hood when two rival gangs were at war, you could almost cut the tension in the kitchen with a knife.


This Swiss Chard Pie Proves that Some of the Best Pastries Are Savoury

Pie is great. Swiss chard is great. The thoughtful combination of the two? Really, really great.


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It turns out that we are physiologically and psychologically predisposed to sadomasochistic dining tendencies.


How to Throw a Party Like a Legendary Soho Members’ Club Owner

"Have white wine because it’s easier to clean."


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I did it for you, dear reader. I did it for Christmas.


We Asked Nigella Lawson for Her Christmas Dinner Game Plan

“Write a list of everything you plan to cook on Christmas Day. Then go away, drink a cup of tea, and strike out about half the dishes you’d planned.”