Thrill Jockey


The Body's New Album Is a Slog Through Electronic Misery

Stream the Portland noise doom duo's impossibly heavy, grindingly miserable new LP for Thrill Jockey, 'I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer.'
Cat Jones

I Feel at Home in the Isolation of Wrekmeister Harmonies' New Album

The experimental doom/drone duo's new LP was created in isolation, and makes me homesick for the once-familiar sound of silence.
Kim Kelly
Nine Inch Nails

5 Electronic Albums That Taught the Body How to Make Noise-Metal

The Portland-based makers of the year's strangest metal records explain how they were inspired by drone masters and Nine Inch Nails.
Colin Joyce

We Got in a Spin With Matmos About Their New Washing Machine Made Album

The Baltimore-based duo discuss ‘Ultimate Care II’ and unearthing music from mundanity.
Colin Joyce

[Premiere] Space Shapes and Static Sparkle in This Synthesized Music Video

Watch Sabrina Ratté’s new video-synthesized piece for ambient artist Evan Caminiti's track "Arc."
Sami Emory
VICE vs Video games

Lightning Bolt’s Bassist Is Making an Amazing-Looking ‘Rhythm Violence’ Game

The Rhode Island noise duo's Brian Gibson is about to shake up a stale gaming genre with Thumper.
Mike Diver

Liturgy's Rap-Metalocalypse

Hunter Hunt-Hendrix of the band Liturgy talks about making a rap-metal album that doesn't sound like rap or metal, as well as being influenced by a Russian composer who wanted to use music to predict the apocalypse.
Zach Sokol