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Oh Good, Tide's New Packaging Looks Exactly Like Boxed Wine

Please don't slap the bag.
River Donaghey

Man Says McDonald's Worker Spiked His Drink With Tide Pod

“I thought she'd spit in it and it wasn't until an hour later when I dumped it out that I realised it was much worse.”
Jelisa Castrodale
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Cops Say Wave of Public Paintball Wars Started with 21 Savage

The skirmishes have hit the streets of Atlanta, Milwaukee, Greensboro and Detroit, and have potentially claimed two lives.
Drew Schwartz
tide pods

The Internet's Tide Pod-Eating Obsession Was Predicted in a 1981 BBC Miniseries

Keep in mind that 'The Day of the Triffids' is literally about an apocalypse.
Mayukh Sen

Bill Gates Is Adorably Terrible at Guessing the Cost of Everyday Groceries

Um, no, a box of frozen pizza rolls is not $22.
Jelisa Castrodale
tide pods

How Legislators Plan to Stop People from Eating All Those Dang Tide Pods

Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, who co-introduced the bill, sought action after her own daughter tried to eat a Tide Pod three years ago.
Mayukh Sen
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New York Lawmakers Want to Make Your Tide Pods Look Less Delicious

The new bill would force detergent companies to make their packets a "uniform color that is not attractive to children."
Drew Schwartz
Can't Handle the Truth

Don't Worry, Tide Pods Aren't Going Anywhere

Don't believe the story about Tide pulling the toxic little guys off the shelves.
Mike Pearl
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Almost 100 People Have Called Poison Control for Eating Tide Pods This Year

Because, again, they're not food.
River Donaghey
Desus & Mero

Why the Hell Are Teens Biting into Tide Pods?

Desus and Mero weigh in on the bizarre viral craze.
VICE Staff

Some Genius Made a Recipe for Edible Tide Pods

Seriously, don’t eat Tide Pods—but you can make these 'Hypothetical Edible Tide Pods' instead.
Mayukh Sen