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Listen to Wicca Phase Springs Eternal's Sad, Seamless Triumph 'Secret Boy'

Three years on from Tigers Jaw, Adam McIlwee has honed in on the middle ground between his beginnings as a guitar-based songwriter and his newly conquered territory working with producers.
Emma Garland

Premiere: Petal - “Sooner”

A song about being aware of the worst that could happen but hoping for the best, from one of Run For Cover's latest signings.
Objectively Correct Lists

15 Objectively Perfect Albums That Are Less Than Half an Hour Long

How about some authoritative records that could turn you onto an entire new thread of listening, in half the time it takes a Papa Johns pizza to arrive?
Noisey Staff

Tigers Jaw's Live Acoustic Version of "I Saw Water" is Perfect

Will Yip, the man behind half the Run For Cover releases, now has his own label which he'll be using to release acoustic albums and side projects.
Emma Garland
VICE Premiere

VICE Exclusive: Listen to a Track from Tigers Jaw's New Acoustic Album

Tigers Jaw has been steering American youth towards the righteous path of emo that germinated from 90s hardcore and college rock.
Charlie Ambler

Tigers Jaw: Still Roaring

Ben Walsh talks about the band's new record, 'Charmer,' and how they are definitely, totally, seriously not broken up. (For real.)
Ben Sailer
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Listen To "Fake Death," The New Single By Tiger's Jaw

There may be other bands from Scranton, but we don't know about them. That just makes the track better for bored Scranton youth to throw on the radio while they try to steal cigarettes.