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Tim Schafer and Elijah Wood Discuss the Making of ‘Broken Age’

The designer and actor tell us about the very modern creation of an old-fashioned adventure.
Chris Schilling
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Tim Schafer’s Biker Adventure ‘Full Throttle’ Still Kicks Ass

Twenty years since its release, LucasArts' oddball road trip is a journey entirely unto itself.
Andy Kelly
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On Its Tenth Anniversary, ‘Psychonauts’ Reminds Us That Identity Is What You Make It

Double Fine's imaginative debut allowed players to appreciate its characters in uncommonly deep ways.
Raymond Porreca
Matt Lees' Column

Hunting for Hope at the Game Developers Conference

2015's GDC provided reassurance that the games industry isn't wholly comprised of Total Chodes.
Matt Lees
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This Was the Week in Video Games

#Gamergate can't take a joke, make a documentary without falling out, or tie its laces. Probably.
Mike Diver
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This Was the Week in Video Games

Developer supports developer, which is actually a bit lovely. Less lovely, though, is the latest Sony exclusive.
Mike Diver
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The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of LucasArts’ Adventure Classics

With Grim Fandango remastered for 2015, The Secret of Monkey Island turning 25 and Full Throttle 20 this year, here's an overview of the company that made these adventure classics happen.
Richard Cobbett
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Tim Schafer Discusses the Classic Video Games, ‘Grim Fandango’ and ‘Monkey Island’

We spoke to the former LucasArts designer and founder of Double Fine about HD remakes and the legacy of an adventure classic.
Mike Diver