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The #MeToo Movement Is 'TIME' Magazine's Person of the Year

President Donald Trump – a man with his own history​ of sexual​ harassment allegations – is this year's runner-up.


Enter the Nightmarish Realms of an Iconic Illustrator

No one does darkness quite like Marshall Arisman, an artist whose work explores the macabre in a way that is as emotionally arresting as it is technically impressive.


Teen Pregnancy Rates Are Falling – Now We Need to Work on Our Attitudes Towards Young Mothers

Telling young mothers that they've "ruined" their lives can become a self-fulfilling prophecy when abuse from strangers makes it frightening to even leave the house.


We Definitely Shouldn't Ban 'Feminist'

'Time' is currently conducting their fourth annual "word banishment poll," focused on expelling annoying overused terms like 'bae.' But there is one word in the poll that doesn't quite fall in line with the rest – 'feminist.'


Magnus Carlsen, World Chess Champion, Is Kind of a Dick

Like we all are sometimes.