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The Guide to Getting Into Tool, Rock's Most Lovable Pseudo-Intellectuals

Outsider art, psych-prog flourishes, and faux-deep philosophy mark their confusing and endearing catalog. Here's where to start.
Emma Madden

All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Women in Wales are now allowed to take abortion pill at home.
VICE Staff

Maynard James Keenan (Tool, A Perfect Circle) Responds to Rape Allegation

A Twitter user alleges Keenan raped her on a Nine Inch Nails tour in 2000, when she was 17 and he was 36.
Shaad D’Souza

How a 14-Year Break Let A Perfect Circle Make Their Best Album

We sat down with APC's mastermind Billy Howerdel to talk about the band's first record in 14 years, creative friction with Tool icon Maynard James Keenan, and gloomy aesthetics.
Ruby Morrigan
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Get Your T-Shirts and Divination Scrolls Out, Tool Are Going on Tour for the First Time in a Bit

They waited five years, almost as long as the length of one of their own songs, to come back to Canada.
Phil Witmer
Bad Things

You Thought Music Was Going to Get Better Under Trump?

Fuck You!
Emerson Rosenthal

Digging up the Past With Maynard James Keenan

We spoke to the enigmatic musician, artist, wine connoisseur, and more about his new biography and why fame is bullshit.
Jonathan Dick
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Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, and Tool Will Headline Governors Ball 2017

The festival is June 2-4 at Randall’s Island Park New York.
Noisey Staff
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

14 Months Later, Here's Travis Scott's "90210" Video, Which Features Puppets Engaging in Sensual Content

Somehow, this is directed by Hype Williams.
Phil Witmer

TOOL's Live Visuals Are Worth Losing Your Mind Over

Digital artist Can Buyukberber gives us a tour of the sights he created for the rock titans.
Nathaniel Ainley
we saw this

7,665 Days: This Is What It's Like to See Tool Live Again After 21 Years in Prison

Tool's music stuck with me, even though I was hardly able to listen to it for decades.
Seth Ferranti

Patatap Turns QWERTY Into A Real-Time Instrument

This portable audio-visual kit allows you to make synesthetic art from the comfort of your laptop.
Johnny Magdaleno