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Sex Workers Are Fighting to Unionise in Scotland

They're trying to keep Holyrood from introducing laws that would criminalise their clients and compromise their safety.
Megan Wallace
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How Unions Could Be the Key to Labour Implementing Socialist Policies

Looking at the new relationship between striking workers and Labour's leadership.
Callum Cant
Save Yourselves

The Workers Who Wanted to Stop Making Weapons and Start Waging War on Climate Change

In the 1970s, workers at a defence manufacturer in Lancashire came up with a radical idea to start making things that would be better for society.
Casper Hughes
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Striking Workers Are Bringing Back 1970s 'Mindfuck' Tactics

Trade unions are looking to the past for inspiration in how to mess with their exploitative employers.
Callum Cant
Brexit Cheat Sheet

Tribe Watch: These Are the Labour Positions On Brexit

Jeremy Corbyn has been forced into action, but not everyone's happy.
Gavin Haynes
workers rights

Revealed: Ambulances Were Called to Amazon Warehouses 600 Times in Three Years

New data obtained by VICE shows the shocking frequency of emergency medical calls made by Amazon workers.
Mark Wilding
student protest

The University of London's 'Theatre of Security' Is Clamping Down on Student Dissent

Students protesting for the rights of university workers have been dragged, groped and abused by thuggish security guards.
Simon Childs
trade unions

Why a Strike at TGI Friday's Is a Big Deal for Britain's Pissed Off Hospitality Workers

Here's a "tip" for the bosses – pay your workers fairly!
Matt Cole
vice exclusive

Exclusive: Secret Blacklist Grows Even After Journalists Placed on 'Terror' List Are Paid Off

Thomson Reuters' World-Check apologised and compensated prominent British journalists for secretly listing them as terrorists, but VICE has found the service has also been profiling trade unionists and animal rights activists.
Namir Shabibi

Why Do British Construction Workers Keep Dying?

And how long until politicians get back to cutting "red-tape"?
Conrad Landin
workers rights

The Secret Exploitation at the Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh's festival workers are fighting for their rights.
Eve Livingston
Oh Snap

Calling Bullshit on the Tories' Pledge to Look After Workers

Let's take look at the promises of the historical party of the ruling class towards the unwashed masses.
Yohann Koshy