transfer window

Row Z

How Transfer Window Mania Began to Feel Like Nostalgia

The purple dildo days are over.
Hydall Codeen
diego costa's instagram

How Social Media Has Become a Tool of Psychological Warfare During the Transfer Window

With Diego Costa flaunting an Atletico Madrid shirt on Instagram this week, it’s clear that social media has become another medium for transfer mind games. So how effective is it?
Will Magee
the rumour mill

Why Are Football Clubs Actively Engaging With Transfer Rumours?

In the form of ‘Insider’ columns and ‘Media Watch’, football clubs are embroiling themselves in the swirling maelstrom of transfer gossip. So, what’s in it for them?
Will Magee
the ruin and redemption of the loan system

Make or Break: The Last-chance Saloon of the Senior Loan

For players like Joe Hart and Jack Wilshere, the senior loan provides a final chance at redemption. That said, it could also be the beginning of the end.
Will Magee
the subversion of football on social media

The ‘Announce’ Phenomenon and What It Says About The State of Modern Football

In the reaches of Twitter frequented by football fans, the ‘announce’ phenomenon is hard to avoid. We take a semi-serious look at what it means, and what it says about online football culture.
Will Magee
the mysterious life of jim white

What Really Happens to Jim White at the End of Transfer Deadline Day?

With the transfer window about to slam shut, we ponder what Jim White gets up to when he’s not being the ageless face of Transfer Deadline Day.
Will Magee
how many fellainis make a pogba?

Why Players Should Be Traded Not Transferred

With the transfer window more showboating than substance these days, perhaps it's time to redefine the value of a footballer, and the manner in which his services are acquired.
Dipo Faloyin
transfer analysis

Football Inflation and the Transfer Window

Paul Tomkins and Graeme Riley created the Transfer Price Index (TPI), which measures the average price paid for a Premier League footballer each season against inflation.
Paul Tomkins
nickels and dimes

Currency Fluctuation Makes For a Nightmare Transfer Window

Between sanctions on Russia, a strengthening dollar, and the unfolding Greek crisis, currency markets are about as volatile as they’ve ever been. How do clubs protect themselves?
Brian Blickenstaff