Photos of Trekkies Celebrating 50 Years of the 23rd Century

VICE sent photographer Maggine Shannon to boldly go where a bunch of Star Trek fans were hanging out.


A Suit Against Star Trek Fans Will Decide Who Owns the Klingon Language

A dispute over a fan-made film might have far-reaching consequences for made-up languages after CBS and Paramount said they owned the Klingon language, a claim many Trekkers say is "ghuy'cha'."


This Star Trek Scholarship Has Helped Put Dozens of Trekkers Through School

Starfleet International, arguably the world's largest trekker fan group, offers several yearly scholarships, meaning all the hours you've clocked watching Captain Kirk may finally pay off.


'Star Trek' Is Coming Back to TV

"Live long and prosper" is exactly what the series is about to do, come 2017.


We Turned Strangers On the Internet Into What They've Always Wanted to Be

Then asked members of the public whether they looked better normal, or as their alter-ego, be that a goth, a trekkie, a juggalo or a human doll.


Star Trek

Space: the final frontier. It's hot, there's no gravity, everyone is horny, and our Star Trek friends are ready to rip off their polyester shirts and “energise.”


I Went to Vulcan, Canada, for a Small-Town Trekkie Convention

For two decades the amusingly-named rural community has been holding a Star Trek–themed festival called "Spock Days."