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The Spectacle of Excess: Pro Wrestling and the Concept of the "Perfect Bastard"

In 1972, the literary theorist Roland Barthes wrote an essay in which he called wrestling "the pure gesture which separates good from evil" and discussed the concept of "the perfect bastard". How much of that holds true today?
Liam Hainey

Breaking Kayfabe: An Inside Look at WWE’s Unlikely Business Empire

WWE is one of the most unlikely entertainment empires in US history, but CEO Vince McMahon’s ambitions and management style have left many wondering if the company can continue to grow.
Ian Frisch

Remembering America's Insane Pro Wrestling-Themed Restaurants of the 90s

Much like Guy Fieri today, the bleached hair, sunglasses, and macho aesthetic of pro wrestling captured America’s imagination in the 90s, and even began affecting the way people ate.
Nick Rose

Farewell To Chyna, A Gender Equality Icon In Sports

There has never been anyone like Chyna, before or since her time in professional wrestling.
Mike Piellucci

WWE Refused To Give Fans What It Knows They Want At Wrestlemania

Everyone knew that Wrestlemania would end with WWE pushing Roman Reigns, its chosen champion, over the top. The surprise was how defiantly unsurprising it was.
Ian Williams
unlikely crossovers

The Bizarre Moments When Football and Professional Wrestling Collide

The WWE and the Premier League are both unpredictable, action-packed, and full of emotion. They can also both get seriously weird. It gets stranger still when stars from the two collide – here are some of the best examples.
Lucas Fothergill

With the Return of Shane, WWE Is the McMahon Show Once Again

Vince McMahon's son Shane crashed Monday Night Raw for the first time in years. Fans still love to hate him, but his return suggests changes ahead for WWE.
Ian Williams

Seth Rollins Is Hurt, and WWE Gets a Chance

Seth Rollins' catastrophic knee injury is a terrible break for him and everyone who likes wrestling. For the WWE, it's an opportunity to tell a new story.
Ian Williams