Trust Fund


Trust Fund's Final Album is the Best Thing You'll Ever Hear About Hating Music

If you’re prone to feeling confused and have an aversion to being earnest then 'Bringing The Backline' is for you.


Why Rich People Set Up Trust Funds for Their Pets

A dachshund in New York is currently battling for a $100,000 trust fund. We asked a pet trust attorney why—and how—pets inherit their owners' riches.


The Best Music Released in the United Kingdom in October 2015 on One Webpage

From Chunky Piff to Bip Ling, the UK produced some shit hot tracks this month. Well done everyone!


Premiere: Trust Fund - "Dreams"

Shit will happen. The world will turn obliviously. And Trust Fund will make great music about it.


Welcome to the New, Not-Terrible Generation of Singer-Songwriters

Despite the fact that Sam Smith is technically one, the concept of the singer-songwriter hasn’t been mass-marketed to death just yet.


Premiere: Stream Trust Fund’s Debut Album “No One’s Coming For Us”

If there was a sound for holding hands, this would be it.


Premiere: Trust Fund - "Cut Me Out"

Concrete proof that band + dogs = the happiest music video of all time.