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All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Finsbury Park terror victims are still suffering a year later.
VICE Staff
Is University Still Worth It?

Why British Universities Are Being Run Like Cartels

With fees soaring and salaries for top level management reaching £500,000, we look at how this can be allowed to continue.
Tess Reidy

Nicki Minaj Offering to Pay Fans' Uni Costs Shouldn't Surprise You

It was only a matter of time before the Bank of Barbz opened for business.
Lauren O'Neill
Is University Still Worth It?

This Is How Much You Have to Pay for University in Other European Countries

British students pay the highest average university tuition in the world – so should you move to Romania for your degree in Biomedical Sciences?
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Is University Still Worth It?

How Treating Students As Customers Turns the Idea of Meritocracy into a Joke

Recent education reforms start to make sense if you read them as an attempt to make inequality worse.
Richard Seymour
a life of dabbing and terrible debt

Welcome To Dab University With Jesse Lingard, The Place Where Higher Education Comes To Die

Could Jesse Lingard’s Dab University be the final straw for our broken education system?
Will Magee

Here's All the Bad News That Was Buried on the Last Day of Parliament

From selling arms to the Saudis to a secret bump in tuition fees, it's time to get pissed off about everything the government thought you wouldn't notice.
Gavin Haynes

Meet Britain's New Generation of Pissed Off Student Radicals

Campuses are becoming hubs for seasoned activists with a lot to be angry about.
Ben Beach

Welcome to the Dystopian Future of the NHS

An NHS doctor paints a bleak picture of what one family's journey through the NHS might be like in years to come.
Dr. Doom

Do These British Students Have the Answer to Free Higher Education?

Campaign organiser Deborah Hermanns told me it's all about perseverance.
Tom Breakwell
The VICE Guide to Making 2014 Better Than 2013

Hey, Students! Here's How to Make Sure Your Life Isn't Shit in 2014

Don't become a caricature and avoid post-pubescent Disney fans.
Louis O'Byrne

Students at Sussex University Are Into Their Third Week of Occupation

Management want to fire 235 members of staff and the students aren't happy about it.
Alon Aviram