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Meet the Electrician Who Sells the Best Olive Oil in England

Among the fuses and fluorescent lights, Embassy Electrical Supplies in London stocks the country's finest olive oil—according to New York Magazine.
Gareth May

This Turkish Chef Uses a Hairdryer to Supercharge His Mangal Grill

“You’ve never heard of the hairdryer trick?” gasps Hus Vedat, head chef at new London Turkish restaurant Yosma.
Angela Hui

Why One of Istanbul's Top Chefs Left to Open a Four-Table Cafe in Brooklyn

People with dreams of grandeur move to New York in search of fame. Dilara Erbay came to get away from it.
Brad Cohen

Portraits of Europe's Most Popular Kebabs

From the famous Turkish döner of Berlin to Holland’s monster kapsalon topped with Gouda, kebabs are Europe’s favourite drunk food. We took a look at how this grilled meat snack differs around the Continent.
Maciek Piasecki
Mihai Popescu

Why Turkish Food Is So Much More Than Kebabs and Baklava

London-based chef and researcher Irem Aksu wants to champion the hidden Greek, Armenian, and Kurdish food cultures of Istanbul.
Irem Aksu
Israeli Cuisine

A Modern Israeli Food Tour of London

To better understand Israeli cooking in Britain today, I joined The Barbary chef Eyal Jagermann and Oxford anthropologist Joel Hart to eat my way around a Turkish grill house, Middle Eastern confectioners, beigel shop, and Iraqi fish joint.
Barclay Bram

Lamb and Aubergine Go Together Like Kanye and Kim

It's a combo for the ages.
Munchies Staff

Salt Bae Is Opening a Restaurant in London

Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish chef behind the viral steak-slicing video, admitted that while he does not speak English, he can “communicate with people through meat.”
Phoebe Hurst
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Grilled Lamb with Smoky Aubergine Is the Ultimate Turkish Comfort Food

Aubergine + lamb = a match made in flavour heaven.
Munchies Staff
Salade tomate oignon

The Curious World of Kebab Restaurant Signs

One day, I felt a mission calling out to me: I needed to investigate kebab restaurants and their signs, all of which have the strange power of drawing in anyone with an appetite.
Valentine Cinier

We Spoke to the Guy Behind the Dalston Kebab Shop with 25,000 Twitter Followers

Mangal 2 in East London is as famous for its acerbic tweets as it is for its adana kofte. “No other restaurant was tweeting anything unrelated to the restaurant industry,” says Ferhat Dirik, who began manning the Twitter account in 2011.
Gareth May

Kings of Kebabs: Mangal 2

Our first episode of Kings of Kebabs takes us to Mangal 2. The East London kebab shop is as famous for its outspoken Twitter account and celebrity customers (Gilbert and George are regulars) as its authentic Turkish-style meats.
Ferhat Dirik