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The Government Is Still Massively Complacent About Climate Change

It's set to miss it's 2030 climate targets.


'The Government's Drugs Minister Must Step Down'

Because of a huge conflict of interest, she can no longer talk about cannabis – the most commonly used illegal drug in the UK.


UK Government Considers Banning Unpaid Trial Shifts in Restaurants and Bars

Scottish MP Stewart McDonald has called for an end to the practice that sees prospective employees perform test shifts with no payment.


The Many Ways the Rest of the World Is Beating the UK on Drugs

We might have virtually invented harm reduction in the 1980s, but since then we've been lagging behind in a big way.


Irn-Bru Sales in Parliament Have Soared Since the Election of More Scottish MPs

Since the last General Election, which saw 56 Scottish National Party MPs take power, Westminster has undergone a surge in sales of "Scotland's other national drink."


How Your University Could Go Bust

The rise of private universities means places of education are no longer too big to fail, with no precautions for students who are caught in the middle.


Turns Out Poppers Aren't Banned in the UK, Even Though Politicians Thought They Were

They're not being included in the Psychoactive Substances Act because, say the government's drug advisors, there's just no point.


The UK's VIP Visa Lounge in Dubai Sums Up Our Hypocrisy

A "platinum lounge" has opened at a Dubai mall's UK visa application centre, with snacks, wifi and queue-jumping. Could there be anything more un-British?


We Asked Some Kids About the Government's Hilarious New 'Sexy Text Speak' Guide

Do teenagers really use terms like "zerg", "P999" and "MOOS"?


The Banning of Tyler the Creator Reveals a UK Government Struggling to Define 'Terrorism'

Hasty decision making keeps taking a dump on our freedom of expression.


Is the UK Government Protecting Companies Accused of Selling Torture Weapons?

Activists weren't given permission to prosecute two international arms companies.