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The Rave Gap: How UK Nightlife Still Struggles with Ageism

Club culture in general is becoming more inclusive, but continues to fall short when it comes to welcoming older clubbers and DJs – especially those who are women.
Kamila Rymajdo

UK Promoters, Stop Using Warehouses as a Shortcut to Authenticity

All they have to offer is a badly acted impersonation of a culture that's long since sailed into the distance of hazy memories.
Josh Baines
thump's guide to freshers' week

A Love Letter To Fallowfield, Manchester’s Lost Student Paradise

To some, maybe even you, the bad old days of Fallowfield might sound like Salo by way of Salford.
Matthew Francey

Shut Down: a Short History of Cultural Repression from the Criminal Justice Act to Fabric

Here's the story of how the powers that be have taken on nightlife—and won.
Sam White
Longreads Or Whatever

How LEVELZ Are Injecting a 'No Bullshit' Policy Into Manchester’s Burgeoning Bass Scene

We spoke to the 14-man collective about the "guerilla mentality" they've cultivated in the clubs and raves of Manchester.
Paul Gibbins

Sweat, Swilled Pints and Feathered Hair: Photos from a Merseyside Club in the 1980s

It's comforting to know that the way we drink in the UK hasn't really changed for the past 30 years.
Tom Wood

What Do We Want From Nightclubs in 2016?

Our manifesto for the betterment of big nights out in the coming year.
Angus Harrison

The Newest Way British Police Are Treating Clubbers Like Criminals Is a Step Too Far

First it was sniffer dogs and ID scanners; now, police are drug testing people – with no evidence of any wrongdoing – in the queues outside clubs.
Mark Wilding