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This Is What It's Like to Watch the Arctic Die

There is no talk of international intrigue among people living and working in the Arctic, only dread of what a warming planet might mean.


The Definitive Overanalysis of Donald Trump’s 41-word Assault on Canada

In a few sentences, the US president managed to mock Canada's identity, Justin Trudeau and even "O Canada".


Donald Trump Refuses to Let Canada Refuse to Be Bullied

"He talked about how they won't be bullied. And I said, 'What's this all about?'"


Why We’re Thinking About Conspiracy Theorists Wrong

A study of millions of Reddit posts found there are people who fit the typical conspiracy caricature, but they’re not the majority.


That Time the Foo Fighters Got Censored on FM Radio Because of 9/11

Looking back at the soft, bizarre censorship in a post-9/11 world, including songs by Elton John, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and more.


How a Stud Racehorse Helped Sink a Brutal Cartel Boss

A top Los Zetas figure had his brother set up a horse-breeding operation in America to launder cash. Then they started winning big prizes – and the feds got involved.


Does Trump Have America on a Path to War with Iran?

The Trump administration hates the Iran nuclear deal – and it looks increasingly like, one way or the other, the Obama-era detente may be toast. Conflict could follow.


Why Black Women Are Speaking Out on Domestic Violence

When the media is silent, black women take to Twitter to tell their necessary stories.


How to Plan Your Fourth of July BBQ

Just as our founding fathers were doing some 238 years ago, we’ll all surely be stuffing ourselves with potato chips on this year's July 4th. But here are some alternative suggestions.


Why Aren't There More Terrorist Attacks in America?

Even though the US has plenty of mass shootings and right-wing extremist violence, what most of the world calls "terrorism" is rare. We asked an expert to explain.


Take That, Adolf! How Comic Books Mocked the Nazis

We spoke to author Mark Fertig about his new book, the American psyche and Captain Swastika.


How Preppers from Around the World Are Gearing Up for Doomsday

The biggest fear-driven purchases driving up the global survivalist economy.