Unreal Engine


Dive into a Hypercolored World of 3D Animation and Groovy Computer Rituals

Motion capture technology and a plethora of 3D software are the ingredients for Ian Valentine’s digital art.


A Hybrid Video Game/Music Video Dives Inside an Underwater Alien World

'Water Planet' is an open-format video game in which you can explore the alien galaxy of Miami electronic musician Virgo's origins.


These Photorealistic Images Were Created Using Unreal Engine

Electronic artist and game designer Noisestorm crafts lifelike landscapes for his own album art.


Travel to Vaporwave Valhalla in a New VR Film

The artists calls it “a journey through an unknown dynamic Metaverse.”


A War Survivor's Virtual Reality Film Brings the Terror of a Conflict Zone to Life

A new film called 'GIANT,' directed by Serbian director Milica Zec, uses immersive tech to make you live out a terrifying tale.


'Goldeneye 007' Gets an Unreal Makeover

This Unreal-ized update makes the N64 classic as seductive as Pierce Brosnan's James Bond.


Unreal Engine 4 Takes 'Zelda' Gaming to the Next Level

Zora's Domain has never looked so glassy.


Mario, Charmander, and More Meet the Unreal Gaming Engine

Putting games inside other games makes you feel like a god.


It's Dubstep Dinosaurs... In 3D

Reed + Rader are back with their newest Cretaceous Era rave, created using motion capture and the Unreal engine.


Explore a 3D Environment Made of Magritte Paintings

Shattered sunsets and 3D apples abound in animator Ali Eslami's reconstructed


Tour an Insanely Photorealistic Computer-Generated Paris Apartment

Benoît Dereau generates a chic, modern flat using 'Unreal Engine 4.'


Bok Bok and Helix Remind us Why Night Slugs is the Most Exciting Dance Label Around

And how to make music out of the 90s video game Unreal.