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Every Decision You’ll Come to Regret During Freshers Week

No, you don't need to drop a week's rent on a wristband for FUN events that mostly involve wearing identical, branded T-shirts.
Iona Erskine
Noisey News

Weezer Are Putting Their “Africa” Cover on Vinyl! But It’s Already Sold Out

It'll be released through Urban Outfitters, because where else would you release a piece of meme-vinyl?
Shaad D’Souza
Great Personal Journeys

I Tried to Complete That Viral Urban Outfitters Bucket List in a Day

1: Go to a party. 2: Have sex. 3: Give two blowjobs.
Oobah Butler
Coachella 2017

The xx Is Here for When Ambien Doesn't Work

Last night at Coachella, the British trio whispered very loudly. One couple gave each other hand jobs under a blanket and 50,000 people very mildly went wild.
Jeff Weiss
Noisey News

Festival Fashion Eats Itself: Coachella Is Suing Urban Outfitters

Turns out the "Coachella Boot" is trademark infringement.
Lauren O'Neill
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Yung Lean's Sad Boys Crew Accuses Urban Outfitters of Copying Designs

"yoshi city belongs to us and our true fans · fuck u Urban Outfitters."
Alexander Iadarola
Vice Blog

I Created Four Tinder Accounts to Find Out Which Version of Myself People Liked Best

Honestly, it was the most fun I've had using the app.
Luke Winkie

A Navajo Artist Breaks Down His Tribe’s Urban Outfitters Lawsuit

Lehi Thunder Voice Eagle Sanchez explains how people can buy proper Native arts and crafts.
DJ Pangburn
Longreads Or Whatever

I Spent a Day Visiting Britain's Best New Record Stores

The hunt for that quintessential record store experience took me far and wide, to some of the finest establishments on this fair isle.
Oobah Butler

Why the So-Called "Vinyl Boom" May Be Bad News For Electronic Music

With the majors fueling a massive production bottleneck in the record industry, independent dance labels and distributors are feeling the pinch.
David Garber
Remembering the Hipster

Defining 'Hipster'

Hipster, as a term, is notoriously difficult to define. Mainly because it doesn't really mean anything.
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete

Let 2014 Be the Year We Retire the Word “Hipster”

The most meaningless word in the English language needs to be laid to rest.
Dan Ozzi