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We Asked an Expert Why America's Naval Vessels Keep Crashing

A veteran guided-missile destroyer commander weighs in on the latest US navy accident—and what it means for the North Korea situation.


Auschwitz Officials Slam Congressman's Gas Chamber Video

Louisiana Republican Clay Higgins filmed himself from inside the former concentration camp calling for a stronger US military.


What Is Trump Going to Do About the Forever War in Afghanistan?

My own deployment in 2012 was confusing. Four years and a new president later, the situation is still a tangled mess.


Remember the Time America Nuked Spain By Accident?

Photographer and historian John Howard went to Palomares to photograph the nuclear disaster you've never heard of.


Investigating Rape in the US Military

An interview with photojournalist François Pesant about his book, 'An Enemy Within'.


A US Military Base Could Kill Off Japan’s Last Dugongs

The Japanese island of Okinawa is the last holdout for dugongs. Now Camp Schwab is set to build new runways over their feeding ground.


The Hangover News

This weekend, at least 12,000 asylum seekers crossed into Austria and Germany after Austria opened its border with Hungary.


Do Sociopaths Make Better Soldiers?

Though you might think people who could kill without remorse would make perfect fighters, in reality it can be difficult to make it as a soldier without a conscience.


Jade Helm 15 Has Begun: Here's Everything We Know So Far

The secret training exercise started Wednesday. All we know is that it's big and that it scares conservatives.


Securing the Kingdom: How the US Military Complex Built Up Its Most Important Ally in the Middle East

The proliferation of threats across the Middle East has forced the US to focus its defense strategy on bolstering the military capabilities of its strongest ally in a region perpetually gutted by turmoil.


'Escape From Baghdad' Is the 'Slaughterhouse Five' of the Iraq War

Saad Hossain researched his darkly humorous novel by reading the blogs of soldiers serving in Iraq.