it's just not rugby aled

A Brief Introduction to the Welshmen Who Played Major League Baseball

Wales is by no means a hotbed of baseball talent, but go far enough back in the sport's history and you'll find a trio of Welshmen who played in the major leagues. All three men have uniquely interesting stories, too.
Jim Weeks

Chicago ​Cubs Give Obama Lifetime Ticket to Wrigley Field, Say He's Not Allowed to Sell It

There will be no personal profiteering from being president. There's no way such a conflict-of-interest-free situation would work with Trump, of course.
Dave Brown
the newz

The Cult: Michael Vick

This week's inductee to The Cult was an NFL superstar whose career was halted – but not ended – by a gruesome discovery in the woods behind his home.
Toby Sprigings

Michael Jordan Speaks Out About Recent Police Shootings

Jordan may be late to the party, but it's certainly an important step.
Liam Daniel Pierce
weaponised popcorn

Fan Throws Popcorn At MLS Player Before Being Aggressively Taken Down By Stewards

Such a pathetic act of petulance, and at such a high cost.
Will Magee
Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes of MLS's Efforts To Improve Officiating

MLS officials are often criticized for their inconsistency and giving too many red cards. But a behind-the-scenes look shows it's not that simple.
Aaron Gordon
Kobe Bryant

Farewell To Kobe Bryant, Who Is Still Probably An Asshole

There's no reason to delve into Kobe's character as he heads into retirement. There's even less of one to pretend things have changed.
Mike Piellucci
women's soccer

How To Sell A Women's Soccer Team: The Rebirth Of The Boston Breakers

The Boston Breakers are trying to build a winning women's soccer team, and win some fans, as a new addition to a crowded sports marketplace. It's a process.
Kevin Koczwara

Orlando City SC's Not So Magical Kingdom

Orlando City's new soccer stadium deal looks too good to be true. That's because it is.
Elliott Turner
Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning Addresses UT Allegations During Retirement Press Conference

Peyton Manning was not to happy to discuss the UT allegations at his retirement ceremony.
Sean Newell

Peyton Manning Set to Announce Retirement Today

He's not going out without a fair bit of controversy.
Liam Daniel Pierce
Donald Trump

Tweetin' Sports with Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

Donald Trump: tre-mendous, tre-mendous sports fan. And like most tre-mendous sports fans, shares his opinions on social media.
Sean Newell