The VICE View: Fuck VAR

Waiting for someone in a control room to have their say kills the explosive thrill of watching someone put it in the net.


A Judge Ordered a Poacher to Repeatedly Watch ‘Bambi’

Court documents don't say exactly why the Missouri judge made the order but I'm pretty sure we can figure it out ourselves.


First Someone Murdered His Zebras, Then He Was Shot Too

Over the last year, five animals and one human have been shot at Hevans Safari in Iowa, but only the human survived.


Watch Jim Carrey School Americans On Canadian Healthcare

He made Bernie Sanders proud.


'Very Abnormal' Russian Satellite Escalates Fears of Orbital Arms Race

Russia and China have been ramping up their military presence in space in order to keep up with American capabilities.


Ranking the Best Insults in the Canada vs USA War of Words

Donald Trudeau, Justin Trump, Angela Merkel. There can be only one.


Happy New Year! Here’s a Surprise New Jeff Rosenstock Album!

'POST-,' the punk singer's sixth studio album, came out on New Year's Day. It rules.


Why Aren't There More Terrorist Attacks in America?

Even though the US has plenty of mass shootings and right-wing extremist violence, what most of the world calls "terrorism" is rare. We asked an expert to explain.


'Mabel,' Today's Comic by Urbano Ortega Matta

Every day Mabel commutes from Mexico to the US for work. Today, she finds an unlikely commonality with one of her regular customers.


Canadian Girl Guides Are Avoiding Trump’s America

The Girl Guides of Canada announced that they will not be making any further trips to the states in a bid that “no girl gets left behind.”


Florida Womyn Carve Out Spaces for Feminist Voices With “She/Folk” Network | #50StatesofArt

Co-founders Nico Mazza and Arianne Keegan want to create a safe, judgement free space for women and women-identifying individuals to share online.


Donald Trump Will Show Theresa May How Insignificant She Really Is

Britain's "special relationship" is nothing special.