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The Only Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll Review You Need

The hype item the vegan community has been waiting for en masse has finally dropped.
Hannah Ewens
vegan food

Meet the New Faces of Jamaican Veganism

Vegan food was once the remit of small Rasta Ital shacks, but a new wave of plant-based eating is emerging in Jamaica.
Riaz Phillips
Jamaican food

Denai Moore’s Side Hustle Is Making Vegan Ackee and Saltfish

The British singer-songwriter—known for her soul- and electro-influenced vocals and collaborations with SBTRKT—also runs Dee’s Table, a vegan Jamaican supper club.
Wedaeli Chibelushi
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A Punk Musician from Ciudad Juárez Is Redefining Vegan Mexican Food

"Part of decolonising our diet is going back to our roots of how our indigenous ancestors in the Americas ate," Edgar “Pato” Delfin says. "And much of that was plant-based."
Gabriel A. Solis

This Radical Bookshop Also Serves Radical Vegan Food

Liverpool’s News From Nowhere has been selling political books and serving as a hangout for left-wing activists since the 1970s. And in the basement hides a pay-by-donation vegan cafe.
Ian Jones
First Dates

Davey Havok Went On A Date With Me By Accident

He wasn't told about it in advance but we still had a nice chat about celebrities and he asked me loads about myself, which is more than can be said for most real dates I've been on.
Emma Garland

How to Keep the Peace at Dinner When You’re a Vegan Dating a Carnivore

We asked vegans what it’s like to date people who prefer to have ribs, ribs, and more ribs for dinner.
Arjan Ranjbar
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Kill Your Hangover the Kind Way with This Vegan BLT

Baconless but delicious, this tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sarnie from London pop-up Club Mexicana is the cruelty-free cure for your aching head.
Munchies Staff

Inside London’s First Vegan Fried Chicken Shop

Temple of Seitan opened last Saturday in Hackney and looks like any other trendy fast food joint—except the “chicken” it serves is entirely vegan, made from wheat gluten mixed with herbs, spices, and tofu.
Tamara Micner

Marxist Vegan Restaurant in Michigan Closes for Predictably Marxist Reasons

Unfortunately for Grand Rapids' Garden Diner & Cafe, refusing to be a traditional business proved to not be very good for, uh, business.
Charley Lanyon
vegan food

This Meat-Eating Goth Is Making Incredible Vegan Comfort Food

Chef Doomie created his vegan restaurant for all of the omnivores who tag along with vegans when eating out. It’s nothing but greasy, glorious, no-frills comfort food.
Javier Cabral
VICE Guided Tours

Visiting the Vegan Restaurant Chain Owned by a Cult

The Loving Hut is an international chain of more than 140 restaurants, which has been called the fastest-growing vegan franchise in the world and many consider to be operated by a cult.
Justin Caffier