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Equal Pay

This Vegetarian Food Brand Is One of Only 48 UK Companies with Pay Parity

Following legislation that forced UK companies with more than 250 employees to declare their gender pay gap, Suma emerged as one of only a handful to have achieved pay parity.
Ruby Lott-Lavigna
Make this

This Veggie Burger is Butcher-Approved

Who better to trust with your vegetables than a woman who knows her way around a slab of meat?
Munchies Staff
Vegetarian food

This Vegetarian Chef Says Pizza Is Just as Good for You as Quinoa

“I wholeheartedly believe that a rushed bowl of quinoa is going to have way less nutrition than pizza and some beers with friends,” says Anna Jones, chef and author of smash veggie cookbook A Modern Way To Cook.
Daisy Meager
Vegetarian food

Scientists Are Redesigning Supermarkets to Make You Go Veggie

Oxford researchers are conducting experiments in Sainsbury’s stores to encourage shoppers to buy more greens and less red meat.
Daisy Meager

Sorry Carnivores, This Study Says Vegetables Fill You Up More Than Meat

Science says that hamburger just isn’t going to hit the spot.
Daisy Meager
Indian cooking

This Home Cook Went from Collecting Her Mum’s Curry Recipes to Writing an Indian Cookbook

Meera Sodha’s 2015 Indian recipe book was a bestseller and its vegetarian followup, Fresh India, is released this month. But she never intended to be a food writer.
Simran Hans

How Did Brighton Become a Vegetarian Food Hub?

From high-end meat-free restaurants to vegan kebabs sold in pubs, Brighton has more plant-based eateries per capita than Manchester or London. But how did it become such a vegetarian mecca?
David Hillier