JPEGMAFIA Explains Why He Makes “Music to Be Hated”

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JPEGMAFIA's "Real Nega" Video Is a Calming Contrast to His Hectic Output

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Men Who've Served in the Military Can Make a Killing As Escorts

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​The US Military Euthanised or Abandoned Thousands of Their Own Canine Soldiers at the End of the Vietnam War

After the war ended, the US military marked their dogs as "expendable surplus equipment," leaving them to the South Vietnamese or euthanising them.


48-year-old scores record-extending goal, celebrates with a middle-aged-man dance

48-year-old Kazuyoshi Miura scored in the Japanese second-tier at a record-extending 48 years old, then did a fast-footed dance.


America's Veteran Crisis

Abandoned at home.


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Using Virtual Reality to Treat PTSD

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32 Battalion

Luckily for some 32 Battalion soldiers, governments and private groups across the globe are often in need of well-trained mercenaries and hire them out as private murderers for vast sums of money.