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The Flat with One Bedroom, One Sex Room and Five Housemates

Five people have chosen to ditch their individual rooms for one bedroom, a living room, a study and a sex room.
Magdalena Berger

We Spoke to a Former Neo-Nazi About His Old Life as a Fascist

"Being hateful is fun, and it's a good way of releasing any pent-up anger. It also helps you feel more like a man."
Hanna Herbst

Neo-Nazis and Nuns: Photos of Europe's 'Largest Fascist Rally'

Ten thousand Croatians gathered in a field in Austria to mourn the fall of a former Nazi-affiliated army.
Roman Möseneder

What It Was Like Growing Up with a Drug Addicted Mother

My mother was single, addicted to heroin, and – at least to me – the best mum in the world.
Adrian Goiginger
Austrian Election 2017

Austrian Millennials React to a Millennial Becoming Their Country's Leader

"Sebastian Kurz showed how out of touch he was when he said that the best way to avoid being poor in old age is to buy a house when you're young."
VICE Staff
Austrian Election 2017

How the Result of the Austrian Election Will Affect My Life As a Refugee

The FPÖ's motto is "Austrians deserve fairness" but their notion of fairness doesn't extend to people like me.
Zakarya Ibrahem

Death, Dehydration and Amputations: Young Army Recruits Aren't Treated Very Well

"One of the guys in my unit died. He collapsed after having been forced to do press-ups for hours, under a cold shower in the middle of winter."
Verena Bogner
Hanna Herbst
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Person with Autism

"I just don't know how to pretend to find a bad joke funny."
VICE Staff

What Life Is Like With a Robotic Arm

My bionic arm is a great conversation starter with women – it's like you're always carrying around a puppy.
Patrick Berger

A Hermit's Life Isn't Without Scandals

Fifty people applied to live without running water, electricity or internet in one of Europe's last hermitages. But life as a hermit isn't as peaceful as it seems.
Paul Donnerbauer
New Neighbours

When Europeans and Refugees Party Together

When you celebrate holidays from different cultures, there is basically no end to the party.
Mahmoud Al Abdallah
New Neighbours

Schnitzel and Institutional Racism: Afghan Teens on Life in Europe

"I have experienced war and now I need a quiet life. Please don't judge me because of that."
Paul Donnerbauer