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Don't Throw Away Your Coffee Grounds – Get Your Future Told with Them

The dregs of your morning cup can hold the secret to your fortune. Well, at least according to practitioners of this ancient art.


Photos of the Joy and Heartbreak at This Week's Greek Elections

Young voters played a key role in ousting leftist Prime Minister Tsipras for abandoning his anti-corruption message.


Fireworks and Pipe Bombs: How Greek Towns Celebrate Easter

On the island of Chios, rival parishes launch makeshift rockets at each other, while on Andros, iron pipes filled with gunpowder blow up right next to the Easter procession.


How Robotics Are Transforming the Lives of Greece's Underprivileged Kids

Eight 18-year-olds are offering kids in their neighbourhood a way out by passing forward the skills they've learned.


What It's Really Like to Work on a Greek Party Island

"An entire toilet cubicle was covered in shit. I stood guard, making sure no one tried to go in, while my boss put on a mask and walked in there to clean up the mess."


The People, Photos and Stories That Defined the Greek Financial Crisis

The Greek government claims austerity is over. But will anything actually change?


Photos of the Destruction Caused By Wildfires in the Greek Town of Rafina

Twenty-six of the 60 people killed in the wildfires so far were found on a single plot of land in Rafina, just outside Athens.


I've Broken Out of Jail By Helicopter, Twice

We spoke to Alket Rizai about his escapes, which were remarkably similar to the escape last week by French prisoner Redoine Faid.


Women Talk About the Worst Body Shaming They've Experienced

"I've been told that I look like a reptile and that my skin is repulsive."


I Went to a 'Bar Fight Seminar' to Learn to Defend Myself Against Angry Drunks

With some basic Krav Maga and a broken bottle or two, you can win any bar brawl.


Thousands of Greeks Protested the Fact That Macedonia Is Called Macedonia

For decades, Greece has been worried that its neighbour, Macedonia, will one day claim the Greek province of the same name.


The Corruption I Saw Working for a Greek Public Hospital

Number one: giving money to a doctor before surgery is a no-no, but after the operation it's just a "thank you present".