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Guy Le Querrec Sees Everything He Photographs for the First Time

The Magnum photographer on being true to your roots and what makes a good photograph.
Julie Le Baron

Looking for Identity with Magnum Photographer Patrick Zachmann

Patrick Zachmann, Words by Julie Le Baron
VICE Loves Magnum

Jérôme Sessini Photographs History's Greatest Losers

The Magnum photographer on fatalism and determinism.
Glenn Cloarec
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Abbas Photographs the Bullshit People Get Up to in the Name of God

The Iranian Magnum photographer on his first assignments, his own relationship with God and why he thinks tourists are savages.
Abbas, Words by Julie Le Baron
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Bieke Depoorter Photographs Home in Faraway Places

The Magnum photographer got to know the small towns of Russia and the United States – one stranger's couch at a time.
Bieke Depoorter, Words by Julie Le Baron
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Peter Marlow's Incredible Photos of Eerie English Crisis

I spoke to the Magnum veteran about his hugely varied career.
Bruno Bayley
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Sublime Moments in Mundane Life: David Hurn's Amazing Photos

After 60 years, the Magnum photographer oozes wisdom.
Bruno Bayley
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Humans Become More Honest When We're Pushed to Our Limits

According to Magnum photographer, Michael Christopher Brown.
Oscar Rickett
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Moises Saman's Stunning Photos See a Place Beyond Death

I asked him how to keep your humanity in a warzone.
Bruno Bayley
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Olivia Arthur Photographs a Side of Women the West Rarely Sees

I interviewed her about the secret worlds she's managed to infiltrate.
VICE Staff
VICE Loves Magnum

Alessandra Sanguinetti Makes Slaughter Look Beautiful

The Magnum photographer found the meaning of life on the sprawling plains of Argentina.
Bruno Bayley
VICE Loves Magnum

Polio and Beach Parties Made David Alan Harvey the Photographer He Is Today

That, and travelling the world to take incredible photos.
Christian Storm