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The Women Who Crash Funerals to Loudly Cry

"Wailers" are women who go to the funerals of people they don't know – and cry loudly.


What the Russian Media Thinks of HBO's 'Chernobyl'

"The producers probably think the audience are a bunch of illiterate, stupid idiots who won't ask any questions."


I Stayed in the Freezing Romanian Countryside to See How Millions Live Without Indoor Toilets

Around 60 percent of rural Romania doesn't have a public sewage system.


Meet the Guy Who Helped Save a Town from Actual Gold Diggers

At 18 years old, Tică Darie helped fight off a mining conglomerate that planned to turn a Romanian village into a cyanide lake.


How Young People in Romania Won a Referendum By Not Voting

Doing nothing isn't always an effective strategy when you want to stop the government from doing something hateful, but last weekend, it worked out.


We Spoke to Young Romanians About Their Fight Against Corruption

Last Friday, months of anti-government and anti-corruption protests turned violent when riot police used teargas and water on protesters.


The Inside Story of Why the Entire Romania '98 Team Bleached Their Hair

How a team meeting, two games of football, toxic bleach and God conspired to make Romania's 1998 team one of the most iconic in World Cup history.


Inside Romania's Booming Sexcam Business

When you throw poverty, an abundance of underemployed English-speaking women and exceptionally high-speed internet together, you end with Europe's biggest sexcam industry.


Photos of Life at Sea

What life is like when you're stuck on a ship with the same group of guys for months on end.


Putin's Hypebeasts: Scenes from A Christian Orthodox Gathering

When the Patriarch of Moscow Kirill visited Romania, worshippers waited for hours to kiss the relics he brought along.


Roma LGBT People Talk About the Challenges of Facing Double Discrimination

"If your family isn't open to it, of course you have to hide who you are."


Prisoners Describe What It's Like to Get a Tattoo Behind Bars

"If I could, I would cut all my tattoos out with a blade."