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How Sweden Deals With Returning ISIS Fighters

As Sweden struggles to implement laws to deal with returning ISIS fighters, a combat medic explains why he feels safer on the frontline than back in his own country.


I Stood Up to Apple and Fixed My Own Mac

The company make it intentionally difficult for customers to do their own repairs, which – for obvious reasons – bugs me.


Pissing Off Berghain Will Cost These Guys €50,000

The legendary nightclub won its lawsuit against the manufacturers of a game called 'Bergnein'.


Photos of Modern Vikings Keeping Their Traditions Alive

Vikings Against Racism are out to show that you can cherish ancient traditions without being a bigot.


Will 'Coming Out' Always Be Necessary?

How long before being straight is no longer the norm, and we won't have to make a big moment of explaining who we are and who we love?


I Spent 24 Hours On a Booze Cruise, and I Never Want to Do It Again

Being on a ferry that sails from Sweden to Finland with bottomless wine on tap and all-you-can-eat prawns sounds like a dream. But is it, really?


Let us Celebrate the Anniversary of Norway's Infamous Butter Crisis

Back in 2011, people were actually arrested for butter smuggling.


Young People Talk About What It's Like Growing Up Indigenous

Every year indigenous kids from Scandinavia, Alaska and Canada get together at the Riddu Riddu Festival in Norway, to party and discuss cultural identity and prejudice.


What It's Like to Transition in Different Parts of the World

From Canada, to Serbia and all the way to Australia – eight individuals talk about coming out as transgender in their respective countries.


The Time My Dad and I Went to an AA Meeting

"Hi, my name is Charlie... and I'm not an alcoholic."


I Spent a Night Watching over a Dead Person

I learnt what it takes to be a shomrim – someone who keeps dead people company in the days before their funeral.


How to Make a Birthday Cake for Some Lovely Swedish People

Reza from Afghanistan baked his guardian, Marina, a cake to say "Cheers for helping out!"