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Dear Rockstar, This Is What We Want In the Inevitable ‘Grand Theft Auto: London’

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Win a Record Player and Super-Rare Copy of the ‘Life Is Strange’ Soundtrack on Vinyl

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A Completely Spoilers-Filled Interview with the Makers of ‘Life Is Strange’

Co-directors Michel Koch and Raoul Barbet discuss their game's heavyweight themes of bullying and assisted suicide.


Replaying ‘No One Lives Forever’ Shows Us That Sexism in Gaming Never Dies

Back in 2000, gaming welcomed Cate Archer, a secret agent ready to challenge male authority. But how little things changed in her wake.


‘This War of Mine’ Is an Almost Too Real Game of Survival Horror

11 bit studios' Siege of Sarajevo-inspired game is even more devastating with the inclusion of 'The Little Ones'.


As Boris Johnson Launches the London Games Festival, Let’s Remember When He Hated These ‘Drivelling Machines’

Back in 2006, the Mayor of London demanded that we "garrotte the Game Boy and paralyse the PlayStation".


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It's simple, really: innovation enough for Sonic to matter in 2016, mixed with a measure of nostalgia to keep retro-gamers from frothing at the mouth.


It’s Old and It’s Clunky, But You Really Must Play ‘Dragon’s Dogma’

For those who want a solid world in which to experiment, explore and behave like a tit, Capcom's revived RPG is a bucket of gold.