• Where Did My OCD Come From?

    There's always been a big part of me that wanted to believe that OCD is genetic, that my mum's DNA – rather than her behaviour – gave me OCD. But I've realised that pointing the finger isn't that important when you want to get well.

  • Inside Britain's Mental Health Crisis

    Budget cuts have left NHS mental health units running beyond capacity. National bed shortages mean people are shunted all over the country for hospital care. Kids are waiting over two years for treatment. What's happening?

  • What It's Like Recovering from a Suicide Attempt

    More people below the age of 35 die from suicide in this country than any other reason. This is what it's like to reach a point where death seems like the only rational option, but also how the experience can be a catalyst for recovery.

  • How It Actually Feels to Live with Severe Anxiety

    My anxiety disorder can make me feel like I'm trapped in a cyclone of negative thoughts and fear. But like many mental health conditions, with the right treatment and techniques, life is very liveable.

  • Being Mindful of the Language Surrounding Mental Health Isn't 'PC Gone Mad' – It's Basic Humanity

    Considering the tabloid headlines surrounding Andreas Lubitz's depression, how far have we really come since the Sun's infamous "Bonkers Bruno" splash in the way we publicly acknowledge mental illness?

  • How Do You Help Someone You Love When They're Depressed?

    One in five of us will experience depression in our lifetime – here are some tips on how to help someone when they are unwell.

  • Why I'll Never Stop Taking Prozac

    I've tried to come off Prozac in the past, but felt awful when I did. Does that make me an addict? I've given up worrying – as a depressive, life is liveable on them. That's all that matters.