Video Game Art


How Painting Opened Worlds of Possibility for ‘Dishonored 2’

We talked to Sebastien Mitton, Arkane art director, about his influences and artistic approach.


The Propaganda and Branding of ‘Dishonored 2’

Presented by 'Dishonored 2'. Jean-Luc Monnet, the game's assistant art director, explains a little about the game world's posters and advertisements.


Looking at Video Games as Art with ‘Tengami’ and Writer Matt Sainsbury

Matt's new book 'Game Art' features incredible imagery, but is the public ready to accept video games as art? Here's a chat about that, alongside a chapter from the book.


Trash Landscapes and Kool-Aid Men Come to Canada

Virtual realities and docu-fictions abound in Jon Rafman's first-ever museum exhibition in Canada.


See the Best of Video Game Art at E3’s 'Into the Pixel'

Villains, labyrinths, taverns, and blind forests become celebrated art in video game exhibit.


3D Dioramas Take 'Paper Mario' To Another Level

OK, so it isn't actually Paper Mario (the game)— it's 3D paper recreations of Super Mario and other classic NES games.


MIDI Mates: Pacman And Steve Reich Mashed Into One Epic Performance Piece

Tacit Group fused a legendary minimal composition with a legendary minimal video game. Makes sense.


Campbell Logan Updated a Century-Old Animation Technique for the N64 Generation

Rotoscoping meets Nintento's Wave Racer 64.


Lowbrow Indie Gaming Meets Highbrow Art With Jim Munroe

The artist is taking over the Art Gallery of Ontario until April 4th and will throw a Fancy Video Game Party.


The 8-Bit Olympics May Be More Fun Than The Real Games

Arcade-style Sochi is where it's at this winter.


These Old School Hackers Used Dead Tech To Make Arcade Game Art

PrintCade turns e-waste into Space Invader-inspired creativity.