Video Games Killed the Radio Star

Video Games Killed the Radio Star

Happy 25th, Sonic, and Thank the Gaming Gods You Weren’t an Awesome Possum

Sonic spin-dashed through the Mascot Wars of the 1990s. But let's spare a thought for the fallen, those anthropomorphised heroes who didn't make it.
Mike Diver

What’s with These Video Game Sequels That Nobody Wanted?

Another Homefront? A second Dead Island proper? We can't have a new Burnout, but these sequels get the green light? The fuck is happening, Video Games?
Mike Diver
Video Games Killed the Radio Star

Exploring the Sexy Maths of ‘No Man’s Sky’ and ‘Elite Dangerous’

The sci-fi adventure of this summer, and Frontier's similarly ambitious epic, both use procedural generation. But what does that really mean?
Mike Diver
The We Missed You Issue

Why It Pays to Keep the Video Gaming Trolls at Bay

The BBC had the chance to celebrate the unifying joy of video gaming. But instead, it focused on hate and harassment.
Mike Diver
The Up in Flames Issue

This Is How Nintendo ‘Won’ 2015

The year has belonged to the House of Mario – not because they've had the biggest titles, but because they're back in the black, and back in the game.
Mike Diver
The Crown and Spectre Issue

These Are Definitely Some of the Best Indie Video Games of 2015

It's just one person's opinion, but all the same – make time for these games, as they're all grand.
Mike Diver
Video Games Killed the Radio Star

Discussing the Benefits of Video Gaming Behind Bars with an Ex-Con

"When boredom kicks in, that's when people get edgy... but when there's a FIFA tournament going on, it brings people together."
Mike Diver
The Road to Nowhere Issue

Games Based on Movies Are Getting Better – So When Will Cinema Be So Respectful?

'Assassin's Creed' is coming to cinemas, but do we really think it'll be any good? Course not. Movies based on games have always been crud.
Mike Diver
The Make Believe Issue

‘The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’ Is My Game of the Whole Year

And I intend to be exploring CD Projekt RED's world of wonders for many more months to come.
Mike Diver
the Earth Died Screaming Issue

Tim Schafer and Elijah Wood Discuss the Making of ‘Broken Age’

The designer and actor tell us about the very modern creation of an old-fashioned adventure.
Chris Schilling
The Russia Issue

Can Anyone Actually Understand Why Kojima’s Leaving Konami?

It's like Manchester United ripping up Wayne Rooney's contract, and we're still trying to make any sense of it.
Mike Diver
The Uganda Love This Issue

Pull Your Finger Out, Nintendo – My Wii U’s Collecting Dust

Feeling bummed out for being a British Wii U owner? Neglected and unloved? Yeah, me too.
Mike Diver