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A Beginner's Guide to Band 0171 and Their Intimate, Futuristic Pop

We're premiering the London duo's voyeuristic video for "Red Light", the third and final release off their spellbinding debut EP.
Ryan Bassil
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Exclusive: Jammer’s Gone and Made a Video for Huge Tune “Ian Wright”

It comes after the football legend 'pushed' him off stage at last month's Eskimo Dance (that… that wasn't Ian Wright. The song still slaps).
Noisey UK Staff
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Glasgow, Goth-Pop and Romance: Meet The Ninth Wave

We're premiering a new video from the duo, “Used To Be Yours”. Here's everything you need to know about them.
Daisy Jones
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Trudy & The Romance Are Dragging Doo-Wop into the Present Day

The Liverpool band’s hazy, cinematic indie-pop is a filmic wonder – get the first look at their new music video for “Doghouse”.
Tom Connick
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The Hour Mix Masks, Knives and Synth-Pop in Debut Video “Mother”

A member of the mysterious new band took me to a “dark experience” restaurant to talk about it, and ngl: it was terrifying.
Ryan Bassil

Take a Minute To Soak Into Hak Baker's Moving "Wonderland" Video

Baker continues with his unique singer-songwriting style, reminding us why he's one of the best at doing what he does, in the UK, today.
Noisey UK Staff
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Emily Burns Understands That Relationships Are Weird As Hell

And her bright new pop track “Too Cool” is sort of about exactly that.
Daisy Jones
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Angel-Ho Makes Genuinely Radical Electronic Music

Ahead of debut album, 'Death Becomes Her', we're premiering the Cape Town artist's new Gaika- and Bon-produced track and video, “Pose”.
Daisy Jones

Speelburg’s “Screener Season” Is a Smooth-Pop Ode to Sofia Coppola

We're premiering the Belgian-American artist's latest playful music video, as he gears up to release a collection of ten tracks in March.
Tshepo Mokoena
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Dream Nails Made a Perfect DIY Anthem to Being Left on Read

“Chirpse Degree Burns (Text Me Back”) is what we've all been through, whether or not we like to admit it.
Daisy Jones
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VanJess Go Deeper than Nostalgia with Their 90s-Style R&B

We spoke to the sibling duo about vulnerability and inspiring girls from the West African diaspora, as visible, black R&B artists.
Bolu Babalola
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Georgia Is Back with a Euphoric, Late-Night Dance Sound

The drummer-singer-producer's “Started Out” sits somewhere between 80s Chicago house and what you might stick on an Uber AUX at 4AM.
Daisy Jones