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This Girl Conned Dozens of Guys into Going on a Mass Tinder Date with Her

She pulled off a month-long scam that ended with a 'Hunger Games'-style competition for the right to take her out.
Drew Schwartz

We Asked the Creator of the Furby Organ: Why?

Sam Battle is a musical Dr Frankenstein.
Beckett Mufson
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This Video of People Dancing in the Street to Vengaboys is Full of Hope

Maybe Eurodance will save us all.
Alexander Iadarola

Pearl the Landlord Breaks Her Decade-Long Silence

An interview with the web's favorite pint-sized property manager.
Justin Caffier
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Questions About That Video of Kids Interrupting the Guy on BBC That Demand Answers

"I think one of your children has just walked in."
Harry Cheadle
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This Dude Is Going to Eat a Photo of Jason Segel Every Day Until Jason Segel Eats a Photo of Him

Can acting prowess be transitively passed on through a piece of printer paper?
Alex Swerdloff

Just In Time for Super Bowl 51, Here's Slo-Mo Footage of an Exploding Football

Are you ready for some (exploding) football?
Diana Shi

Rick Astley Takes Rickrolling IRL with His New Signature Beer

At the very least, we’re pretty certain you wouldn't get these brewskis from any other guy.
Alex Swerdloff

We Spoke to the Dancing Pink Windmill Kids to See What They're Up to Now

What does it feel like to find out you've gone viral 32 years after being really enthusiastic about your own name on a kids' TV show?
Marianne Eloise
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This Dunkin' Donuts Manager Served Customers Pastries That Had Been Dropped on Floor

A video has emerged of a Dunkin' Donuts manager engaging in some pretty sketchy behavior.
Nick Rose
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This Video of a Woman in a Chewbacca Mask Brings a Small Shred of Joy to Our Dark World

There is still hope for us all.
VICE Staff
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Everybody's Laughing at the Video of an Angry White Guy Claiming He 'Settled' Brooklyn

A viral video of a furious caucasian shouting about "white fucking privilege" and calling other white people "white trash" is making everyone else's day better.
VICE Staff