Volume 11 Issue 5

    • 5.28.05

      The VICE Guide to Partying

      Party hosting isn't something one can just dive into headlong and willy-nilly.

    • 12.2.04

      Hey DJ, Fuck You!

      You know that thing called DJing? It's the biggest con of all time!

    • 12.1.04


      Dear Human Toilet, Taking lots of drugs doesn't have to turn you into a drooling idiot.

    • 12.1.04


      Guitarist Matt Sweeney is a stallion, and stallions roam free.

    • 12.1.04

      Party Down

      Want to get wasted? Me too, fuckface, but what I don't want to do is spend the next day like I'm in Jacob's Ladder.

    • 12.1.04

      Pockets Dumb Fat

      Just like the best below-the-radar hip-hop instrumental of all-time is East Flatbush Project's "Tried By 12."

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    • 12.1.04

      Hamster Party Throwdown

      In the interest of putting an end to drinking contests forever (they kill 10s of people a year, you know) we decided to stage the ultimate throwdown of all fucking time.

    • 12.1.04

      Out There

      "Out there" music (like, "Wow that's some weird and far out free jazz") is one thing, but what about when music is literally out there?

    • 12.1.04

      Dear Diary

      I got a phone call tonight from this guy who says his name is Tom Nasp and he told me I was on the guest list for a Beastie Boys private party at the Palladium this Saturday night!

    • 12.1.04

      Chair Party

      This month it was decided that everyone had to be wasted. All editorial meetings were conducted drunk, in bars, and every writer was told he or she needs to have at least a bit of a buzz going while writing.

    • 12.1.04

      Punk Rock Village People

      Nothing says, "Let's get this fucking party started" quite like pouring a full beer all over yourself.

    • 12.1.04

      Home Surgery Party

      Doctors are boring. They don't have borders, true, but they also don't have any fucking clue what is going on.