Volume 12 Issue 4

    • 12.3.05

      The VICE Guide to Rehab

      A good rehab is essentially an anarchist socialist commune with one rule: Don't get high.

    • 12.1.05

      Travelling The Spaceways

      Driving cross-country with a bunch of mates can be a total prick.

    • 12.1.05

      Farmer High

      Adderall is cocaine for rich people. It's an amphetamine more powerful than Ritalin and steadier than speed.

    • 12.1.05

      Taliban Heroin

      We tracked down Roll Deep Crew’s Taliban Trim.

    • 12.1.05


      Parties are only fun when you're drunk. It's sad but true.

    • 12.1.05

      Yo Girl! Whath Up??

      That "breaking the seal" thing your drunk dad told you about is total bullshit.

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    • 12.1.05

      VICE Fashion - Lifer

      I’m 44 and I’ve been using heroin for 30 years.

    • 12.1.05

      Totally Fucked Up

      Total Fucking Destruction ARE that fucking high, because that’s exactly what they do!

    • 12.1.05


      If you didn’t have a car or a friend with a car in Liverpool your life was restricted to drinking in the park or sniffing glue.

    • 12.1.05

      Somewhere Over The Rainbow

      Edan is the hip hop Syd Barrett.

    • 12.1.05

      Methturbation Blues

      Few things in the world are less classy than smoking crystal meth.

    • 12.1.05

      Glue Kids

      When your nights are spent sleeping on cold concrete and your whole family is dead or missing you take what you can get to reach oblivion asafp.