Volume 15 Issue 6

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    • 6.2.08

      Amigos Con Rambo

      This guy who dresses up as Rambo used to work in Mexico City's Chapultepec Park, posing with tourists for photos.

    • 6.2.08

      A Mexican In... Tokyo

      Vice: Mexico is on the other side of the globe from Japan. What did you think of Tokyo when you first came?

    • 6.2.08

      Ay Caramba!

      We grabbed a Mexican who we found doing capoeira in a park with a bunch of Brazilians and dragged her around three of London's best Mexican takeaway joints.

    • 6.2.08


      I've been photographing fighting roosters since 2000.

    • 6.2.08

      The Global Pandemic Of The Telenovela

      Stefan Ruiz is a photographer who enjoys intimate access to the world of telenovelas.

    • 6.2.08

      A Mexican In... Milan

      Vice: Why did you decide to move to Italy?