Volume 18 Issue 11

    • 11.18.11


      By Cameron Alexander, Stylist: Sam Voulters

    • 11.15.11

      False Vacuum Decay

      A false vacuum is a region of space that appears to be totally stable, but in actuality could (theoretically) collapse at any moment and turn the vacuum inhabitants (us) into clouds of nonstandard particles in the time it takes for you to finish this...

    • 11.15.11

      A Couple Threats

      Amelia Gray is an author from Tucson, Arizona, who lived in Austin, Texas, before moving to LA last month. We first became aware of this young woman's talent with words via her short story collections AM/PM and Museum of the Weird.

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    • 11.15.11

      Coon-Suit Riot

      Despite what the fashion industry says, manufacturing a suit of feral raccoons is not overly complicated.

    • 11.15.11

      Make a Dumbful Noise

      The Mafia-funded hick music that gave war criminals erections.

    • 11.15.11

      Dark Souls

      The great virtue of Dark Souls' is the sense of ownership it bestows on those who master it.

    • 11.15.11

      The Death of Zé Cláudio and Maria

      The scene is like something out of a Sergio Leone movie. Zé Cláudio and his wife, Maria, enter a small wooden bar off a dirt road.

    • 11.15.11

      Gypsy Paradise Lost

      Richard Sheridan's battered white Ford van pulls up outside the train station in Wickford, a suburb of London. It looks out of place against the ranks of shiny cabs and rows of identical homes.

    • 11.15.11

      Employees of the Month

      Tommy is our production manager, which means he oversees the printing of the very magazine you're holding in your grubby little paws.