Volume 22 Issue 11

The Crown and Spectre Issue

Britain's Forgotten Prisoners

The toxic legacy of the IPP is being exacerbated by budget cuts, leaving thousands of UK prisoners in limbo.
Ben Bryant
The Crown and Spectre Issue

Fruit Salad with Laurie Anderson and Her Dog

Talking love, death, and post-9/11 surveillance with the avant-garde artist.
Whitney Mallett, Photo by Elizabeth Renstrom
The Crown and Spectre Issue

London’s Subterranean Mosquito Lab

Deep under London's streets, scientists are fighting to defeat one of nature's most prolific killers.
Victoria Turk
The Crown and Spectre Issue

These Are Definitely Some of the Best Indie Video Games of 2015

It's just one person's opinion, but all the same – make time for these games, as they're all grand.
Mike Diver
The Crown and Spectre Issue

Revolutions in Thinking

Talking anarchy, genius and God with Italy's best-selling theoretical physicist.
Yohann Koshy
The Crown and Spectre Issue

Plutonium in the Hills: How Do You Keep Nuclear Secrets Buried Forever?

Decades after the fall of Soviet Union, scientists are working to determine the lasting environmental effects of Soviet nuclear testing in Kazakhstan.
The Crown and Spectre Issue

The Ballad of Murder Eyez: In Germany with Syria’s Refugee Rapper

In peacetime, Abdul Rahman Masri became one of Syria's most celebrated rappers. Now a refugee in Germany, he's determined to speak for his home nation's lost generation.
Ben Mauk
The Crown and Spectre Issue

Border Control: Tunisia Attempts to Stop Terrorism with a Wall

The barrier will be equipped with an electronic sensor system, observation towers, and drones. But can Tunisia keep out an enemy that has already found its way inside?
Sarah Souli
The Crown and Spectre Issue

The Silent Majority: A Civil Rights Movement Grows in the Shadows of Nepal

A new constitution was supposed to create a more inclusive Nepal. But instead it deepened ethnic fissures.
David Caprara
The Crown and Spectre Issue

I Hired a Millennial Life Coach

I wanted to know why so many people in their twenties are entering the multibillion-dollar, nebulously defined life-coaching industry.
Amanda Shapiro
The Crown and Spectre Issue

A Strange Tribute to Early Special Effects

Dan Boardman's new work features cutout masks shot in front of negatives, resulting in multiple layers and a vague sense of place and time.
Dan Boardman
The Crown and Spectre Issue

Why America Is Obssessed with Serial Killers

From <i>Psycho</i> and <i>In Cold Blood</i> to Charles Manson and the Nazis, mankind just can't stop going wild over gruesome, unthinkable murder.
Seth Ferranti