Volume 22 Issue 12


Photos of Struggle and Hope in Appalachia

Stacy Kranitz has been collaborating with local writers to tell stories that offer a complex and nuanced understanding of what central Appalachia looks like 50 years after becoming a byword for poverty.


Can Activists Beat the Gun Lobby at Its Own Game?

Moms Demand Action was launched the day after 20 first-graders and six adults were gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School and is now a central grassroots force in lobbying for universal background checks on all gun sales.


Photographing the Search for Belarus's National Identity

Belarus's scars and, more importantly, the heroics of war have become the central focus of a government in search of a unifying national identity.


Porn Star Summer Brielle Shares Your Pervy Instagram DMs with the World

When one fan messaged her saying he'd like her to suck him like a popsicle, Brielle replied, "I bite popsicles in half and deposit them into food processors before force feeding the resulting slushy to other popsicles."


Your Sunscreen Is Destroying the Great Barrier Reef

And so the chain of environmental devastation continues.


This Is How Nintendo ‘Won’ 2015

The year has belonged to the House of Mario – not because they've had the biggest titles, but because they're back in the black, and back in the game.


How Strippers Are Fighting Exploitative Workplace Environments

Strippers in Las Vegas and elsewhere are pushing back against rules that make it harder for them to earn a living or file claims for sexual harassment.


Sarcasm Is Good For The Soul (Or At Least Your Mind)

Recent studies have found that "all forms of sarcastic exchanges" exercise your brain. Nice.


The Earth Has Less Nutrients Due to a Shortage of Animal Poop

We now know that shit's worth more than jack shit.


Some Swedish Doctors Are Performing Virginity Tests, Against Their Patients' Will

The tests have little scientific basis, but could save a life.


Full Bleed: Labyrinth

Jason Jaworski's Labyrinth was created while traveling for 13 days through slums in the Philippines, accompanied by a group of little people.


Spending the Day in the Republic of Frigolandia, the Last Refuge of Italian Satire

We met the founder of 'Frigidaire,' the most irreverent and unconventional magazine in Italy, at his abandoned fascist summer camp and magazine headquarters.