Volume 23 Issue 4

The Borders Issue

Photos from Inside Toronto's Underground Drag Racing Scene

Photographer Norman Wong's latest project delves into the underground scene in the suburbs where he grew up.
Norman Wong
The Borders Issue

Artifact: Rubber Bullet

As an African American man, this wasn't the first time I'd had a close encounter with police. But it was certainly the first time I smelled tear gas or had to don body armor.
David Givens
The Borders Issue


Nathan Bajar's photographs of the Philippines illuminate the uncanny experience of returning to a homeland that was never quite home.
Nathan Bajar
The Borders Issue

We're Closer Than Ever to Wiping Out Malaria

We're closer than ever to eradicating malaria, but not there yet. If we don't double down, we risk losing all the progress that's been made.
Kaleigh Rogers
The Borders Issue

How Honest Are We When Talking About Money with a Partner?

Why is it sometimes uncomfortable (or unattractive) to communicate about cash and socioeconomic status and what it means to us?
Ana Cecilia Alvarez
The Borders Issue

Climate Change Is Shifting the Border Between Italy and Austria

Tracking the effects of climate change in the Italian-Austrian Alps is high-tech, cutting-edge, and terrifying.
Livia Albeck-Ripka
The Borders Issue


Blaise Cepis's trippy new exclusive series for VICE focuses on visual trickery to create playful photographs.
Blaise Cepis
The Borders Issue

Kobani: Sketches of a City Under Seige

It is strange, is it not, to deny the hand of the artist in favor of the hand of history? Michael Taussig travels through the ruins of Syria in this moving essay from the June issue of VICE magazine.
Michael Taussig
The Borders Issue

Censorship and the Future of the Internet According to Yasmin Green

Green is the head of research and development at tech incubator Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet. To Green, access to information is a fundamental human right, and she's on a mission to ensure it.
Kari Paul

Eyes On the Sky: Striving For Accountability In the War On Terror

AIRWARS is fighting to keep a tally of the civilian victims of the war being waged on the Islamic State from above.
Bruno Bayley
The Borders Issue

Nationalist Interest

What the Islamic State is for disenchanted young Westerners of an Islamist bent, Right Sector has become for young Europeans and American right-wingers with an antique passion for nationalism—any nationalism except for Russia's, that is.
Alexander Clapp
The Borders Issue


See more photos by Michela A. G. Iaccarino, from our story on foreign mercenaries fighting with pro-Ukrainian militias.
Michela A. G. Iaccarino