Criminal Justice

Florida Is About to Find Out What Happens When Ex-Prisoners Vote

A million or more new voters could be eligible for 2020 thanks to a ballot initiative reversing Jim Crow-era policy.
Jennifer Rae Taylor

It's Been 10 Years Since Obama Was Elected. Here's What It Meant

A reflection on election night 2008 and what it meant for black journalists to see America vote in its first black president.
Wilbert L. Cooper
Why I Didn't Vote

I Couldn't Vote Because I Had to Work

The night of the US election, as the votes were being counted and I was beginning to see what was going to happen I just had this horrible, guilty feeling.
Kenzie Cutrone
Views My Own

The More People Vote, the More Progressives Win

No wonder Republicans are so desperate to depress turnout.
Sean McElwee
Colin McAuliffe
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Trump Messed Up His Own Birthday on His NYC Mayoral Ballot

Plus, Melania forgot to sign her envelope, Ivanka sent in her ballot too late for it to count, and Jared Kushner never even mailed the thing.
Drew Schwartz

This Teen Wrote the Literal Textbook on How to Get into Politics

A high school student thinks young people don't vote because no one tells them how—and he wants to change that.
Harry Cheadle

You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Go to Glastonbury

Nor do you have to be poor to understand why chanting “Jeremy Corbyn” became the theme of this year’s festival.
Ryan Bassil
Oh Snap

Could Bad Weather Affect the Result of the General Election?

The Met Office is predicting heavy rain in Wales, the south-west, central and northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Tess Reidy

Can You Change Your Absentee Vote if a Candidate Body-Slams a Guy?

Not in Montana you can't.
Mike Pearl

These Parties in Leeds Are Offering Free Entry to Young Registered Voters

"Representation is fundamental to a decent society; if people don't vote they won't be represented."
Tom Glencross
Oh Snap

Welcome to VICE's Coverage of the Worst Election Ever

Join us in hell's waiting room.
Simon Childs

This Website Lets You Send Pizza to Protestors Around America

The idea started with sending locally purchased pizza to hungry voters who were waiting in long lines at polling places during the 2016 election.
Wyatt Marshall