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Glastonbury 2019

We Made People at Glastonbury Share Their Hangover Cures

"More drugs. Haha, no – water. Or avocado on toast. My best hangover cure: not drinking in the first place."
Daisy Jones

What Some British Muslims Make of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

"Unfortunately, some people are so bored of politics that they see him as charming, funny and relatable. It will be tragic."
Salma Haidrani
Planet Festival

To Put it Bluntly: What is Latitude Festival?

The festival’s programming doesn’t always line up neatly with its audience, so who goes here and what does the festival mean in 2018?
Ben Charlie Smoke
Vox Pops

Hanging Out With Rihanna Fans at The UK’s First Fenty Beauty Pop-up Shop

Is she a queen, a hero, a god? Surely, she is of the divine.
Jumi Akinfenwa
Weed Week

Weed Isn't Cool, But It Isn't Not Cool, According to People at Coachella

"I would say that it’s fun and enjoyable, and I enjoy smoking it."
Andrea Domanick
coachella 2018

The Worst People at Coachella, According to People at Coachella

We ventured into the scantily-clad wilderness to hear from fest-goers themselves about whom is the one to harsh their mellow.
Andrea Domanick
Important Questions Raised By...

Who Was the Most Annoying Music Person of 2017? We Asked the Public

Take a long hard guess at what name came up the most.
Daisy Jones
Deep Ass Questions

An Interview with Actual Galway Girls About *That* Ed Sheeran Song

Pouring one out for the ladies of Galway, subject of some of music's worst songs.
Matthew Francey
festivals 2016

We Reminisced about Music and Drugs with Baby Boomers at Oldchella

Rock n roll's original fans share their first times, weird times, and some choice words of advice at Desert Trip 2016.
Andrea Domanick
BRITAIN = ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

'Frankly, I Think the UK Are Being a Little Arrogant': Europeans React to the Brexit

"All of Europe's conservative parties congratulated the UK this morning. If that's not a bad sign, what is?"
VICE Staff