How Mamadou Sakho Fell Victim To Drug Testing’s Grey Areas

Mamadou Sakho was Liverpool's starting centre back, and a key part of the team. Then he tested positive for a banned substance – or so we thought.
Aaron Gordon
Manchester City

Whereabouts Violations Reveal Larger Flaws of English Football's Anti-Doping Efforts

Manchester City's £35,000 fine says an awful lot about English football's anti-doping system.
Aaron Gordon

Putin Is Using Paralympics Ban for Propaganda, But Is He Also Right?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has slammed the IPC's ruling as "outside the bounds of law, morality and humanity."
Josephine Huetlin

A New Contender for "Dirtiest Race in History" at London 2012

In a sport plagued by doping scandals, the women’s 1500-meter final at the London Olympics stands out – and not for the right reasons.
Monica Prelle
war on doping

Drinking, Doping, and the Cannabis Olympics: Another VICE Sports Q&A with Sports Historian David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt, author of 'The Games: A Global History of the Olympics,' talks about the storied history of cheating and doing drugs at the Olympic Games, and whether WADA has changed anything at all.
Aaron Gordon

Can Athletes Ever Really Come Back from Doping Bans?

The return of sprinters like Justin Gatlin, LaShawn Merritt, and Tyson Gay to the Olympics raises the question, once more, of whether an athlete who has been caught doping can ever be truly clean again.
Mary Pilon
Rio 2016

The Drugs Won: The Case for Ending the Sports War on Doping

The fight against performance-enhancing drugs has long been framed as a moral crusade. But some heretics like retired investigator Don Catlin and former USATF exec Doug Logan now contend that the battle is a quagmire, and doing more harm than good.
Patrick Hruby
russian doping scandal

IOC Will Explore "Legal Options" For Russian Ban, Urges Federations to Avoid Holding Events in Russia

A pending case in the Court of Arbitration for Sport might be gumming up the works.
Sean Newell
Rio 2016

Russian Whistleblower Yuliya Stepanova Set To Compete at Rio 2016 Under Neutral Flag

Stepanova played a crucial part in exposing the Russian doping scandal ahead of the Olympics, and will now take part as a neutral athlete.
UK Sports Staff

Report: IAAF Discussed Covering Up Russian Doping

It sounds like the IAAF knew much more about Russian doping, and for much longer, than it led on.
Sean Newell
Rio Olympics

Will Brazil's New Anti-Doping Lab Be Ready for the Rio Olympics?

After losing its WADA accreditation in 2013, Brazil's top sports doping laboratory has a new building and a bigger staff. Will it be ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio?
Donna Bowater

WADA Accuses Russia of Widespread Doping Cover-up, Recommends Suspensions

WADA has released it's report into Russian doping and has recommended suspending the RAF, and accuses the government in engaging in cover up.
Sean Newell