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4 days ago

Let's Discuss the Most Disturbing Part of Netflix's 'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie'

Why, in the name of all that is holy, WHY? (And yes, spoiler alert.)


We Asked Teachers About Pop Culture’s Worst Teachers

‘Yoda. He was always so cryptic.’


Don't Meth with Albuquerque's 'Breaking Bad' Candy Lady

Debbie Ball created the original crystal meth props for the hit AMC show out of sugar, and now fans flock to her shop for their very own dime bags of "Blue Sky."


Inside the Brooklyn Cafe Inspired by Breaking Bad

Walter’s Coffee Roasters reimagines what it would have been like if Walter White had worried about where to source his beans, rather than his methylamine.


Skulls, Exposed: Walter White, Notorious B.I.G, and More Become Custom Craniums

Andrew Firth can turn a European-grade plastic human skull into pretty much anyone.


A Brooklyn Cherry Magnate Killed Himself After Police Discovered a Pot Farm in His Factory

The factory's new owners insist it will stay open and continue supplying restaurants with their legit product.


Britain's Best 'Breaking Bad' Fan Art Goes on Display

See the artworks 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' illustrator Ralph Steadman curated for his 'Breaking Bad' art show.


A 'Breaking Bad' Art Show Opens Tomorrow

'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' illustrator Ralph Steadman worked with Vince Gilligan to make six bombastic 'Breaking Bad' portaits.


​How the FBI Busted Someone Trying to Buy the Deadly Poison from 'Breaking Bad'

Cheng Le got busted by a narc operating on the dark web.


What Gay TV Sex Is Billy Crystal Complaining About, Exactly?

"Sometimes I just feel like, ah, that's too much for me," Crystal said during a recent panel interview. Only, there's not really a lot of gay sex on TV, so it's hard to know what he's talking about.


'Breaking Bad' Merchandise Is Cheapening the Show's Legacy

Heisenberg is ruling the high street, but he needs to clear off.


Some Genius Is Kickstarting a 'Breaking Bad' Sequel Starring Val Kilmer and Slash

He doesn't have the rights to the show or commitments from the actors, but don't worry about it.